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Paintless dent removal darwin

How much does Paintless Dent Removal Cost

How Much Does Paintless Dent Removal Cost

As Paintless Dent Removal is fast becoming the prefferred method of repair for minor dings and dents, and also even minor collision type damage….the main question on everyones mind is…How much does paintless dent removal cost?
So lets cover Paintless Dent Removal Pricing in this article, and we’ll also include some pricing examples below.

Measuring the Size of the damage.

There are many factors that come into play when pricing a PDR repair. But the first thing we take into account, is the size of the damage. Upon inspection, we are able to use our reflective tool to show up every detail of the damage which, allows us to measure the damage correctly. Once we have a measurement, we then have a base price to start from.

Adding Additional Factors

Once we have our base price, which is set by the size, we then add in any additional factors that will come into play throughout the repair, such as the metal type, severity and location of the damage. Heres a quick list of some of the additional factors we look out for when pricing a PDR job.

  • Depth of Damage – Shallow/Medium/Deep
  • Metal type – Aluminium/High Strength Steel
  • Bodyline Damage
  • Obstructed Access
  • Creases
  • Double Panel Areas
  • Laminated Glass
  • Panel Edges etc.

Remove and Refit Items

For the best result when doing a PDR Repair, we sometimes need to be able to get our specialised tooling to the backside of the damage to manipulate the metal back into it’s original position. In order for us to gain this access, sometimes we need to remove and refit items from the vehicle, so when pricing a PDR repair we also need to take this into account.

Pricing Exmaples

Here’s a quick look at some pricing examples of dents we have repaired.

How much does paintless dent removal cost

how much does paintless dent removal cost

how much does paintless dent removal cost

Deep Bodyline Dent in Front Guard

Extreme PDR Repair

Need a Quick Estimate….Thats Easy as 1, 2, 3 .

If your just after a quick estimate, to see what your dent will roughly cost to repair with the paintless dent removal method, the process is easy.

1. Send us 2-3 photos of your dent/s

All you have to do is contact us via the Contact Form on our website, or text us 2-3 photos of your dent/s to 0427599560. Don’t forget to include your name and the year/make/model of the vehicle.

2. Recieve your quick price range estimate.

From there we will be able to give you an estimated price range you can expect the repair to cost. Then you can determine if the repair will be within your budget. If it is within your budget, we can then go ahead and schedule the repair.

3. Inspect/Quote/Repair

Once you have scheduled your repair, our technician will come to your home or office to repair the vehicle. Once he arrives, he will first inspect and quote the damage so that you will have a firm price before any work commences on the vehicle. This way…you know exactly what the repair will cost before we start work on the vehicle and there are no suprises at the end of the repair.

Looking for the Cheapest Price?

Unfortunatley, if what matters most to you is the cheapest price possible, we may not be the best fit for you.
Although we do offer reasonable prices with our repairs, you will most likely find cheaper prices elsewhere. But be warned….you may not find the same amount of experience, and quality of repair with that cheaper price.

So Why Choose Us?

At Dents-B-Gone we have over 10 years experience in the Paintless Dent Repair industry and a further 9 years of experience in the automotive panel and paint industry. In this time we have come to realise that it’s always the quality of the repair that matters to our customers the most in the end.
We have built a great reptation for our service, by providing the highest quality dent repairs in Darwin and Palmerston NT. But just don’t take our word for it…find out what our customers have to say about our service or feel free to check out some of our latest repairs on our youtube channel.