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Extreme Paintless Dent Repair on 2020 Dodge Ram

Now this is extreme paintless dent repair at it’s best. Check out the nasty damage we just finished repairing on this beautiful 2020 Dodge Ram.This repair was a massive challenge, and probably the biggest dent repair we’ve undertaken at Dents-B-Gone Darwin so far.After quoting the vehicle, we were able to handle all the insurance process for the customer. After obtaining approval to proceed with repairs from the customer, we had the vehicle onsit and ready to repair within just a few days.We started off by repairing the dent in the rear cab pillar, followed by the tailgate. Saving the worst for last, the left hand bedside.Being such a large dent, we split the damage into five different sections, working a section at a time. This allowed us to move through the repair in a controlled and precise way.Keep in mind, when we repair damage with the PDR method, we don’t use any body fillers, or repaint the panel.We manipulate the metal back to its original state using specialised tools and techniques. This way of repair maintains the original factory paintwork on your vehicle, and therefore retaining its value.This dent repairs to this vehicle took a little over 40 hours to complete, so it was by no means a cheap repair. This is why the customer chose to go through his insurance to have the vehicle repaired. As the repair cost was substantially higher than his insurance excess.Paintless dent removal isn’t always going to be the cheapest option, especially on extreme paintless dent repair such as this. But its always the best option for your vehicle when its possibe to be performed to a high standard.


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