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Hail damage repairs in Darwn

Hail Damage Repairs In Darwin

Hail Damage Repairs in Darwin?

Ok, so I know what your thinking. Why would we need hail damage repairs in Darwin when we never get hail up here in the top end?Suprisingly, we actually do get asked to repair hail damaged cars in Darwin every so often. As paintless dent removal is the preffered method of repair for hail damage by insurers, we have been able to help customers get back on the road as quickly as possible with the PDR process.There are 3 most common cases we find when being asked to perform hail damage repairs in Darwin.

1. Customer recently moved to Darwin

We sometimes get asked to repair hail damage for customers who have relocated to Darwin from one of our southern states. They were hit by hail before moving to Darwin but didn’t get the chance to have the vehicle repaired whilst still down south.

2. Hit by Hail whilst on Holidays.

The Australian hail season kicks off around November, so it can often be when people are visiting family over the Christmas and New Year period, or just escaping the heat and heading down south for a holiday when they are unlucky enought to sustain hail damage to their car. If this happens to you, the best option is to have the hail damage repaired back home. The reason for this is because a small local company is going to be more inclined to look after you and your vehicle.

3. Buying a Hail Damaged Car.

This is where we see alot of people come unstuck. So many times we have seen people buying hail damaged vehicles…sometimes repairable write-offs…and often sight unseen, thinking that they are getting a great deal, and expecting to get the hail damage repairs in Darwin and then flip the vehicle for a massive profit. The only problem is that they haven’t taken into account the actual cost to repair the hail damaged vehicle. Hail damage repairs can sometimes cost thousands depending on the severity of the damage. So it really pays to do your homework if your thinking about buying a hail damaged vehicle.

What do you do if you need hail damage repairs in Darwin?

First thing to do is get in touch with us at Dents-B-Gone. We can then organise a time to do an inspection of the vehicle where we will check the number of dents as well as the severity of the damage. Once we have inspeceted the vehicle we should be able to go over your options for repairs and also guide you through the insurance claim process if you need to use your insurance coverage. Paintless Dent Repair is the best option for repairing hail damage, and at Dents-B-Gone, PDR is our specialty.