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Best way to fix dents in Darwin…What is PDR?

We find so often that there are so many people that don’t know what PDR is, or even that it’s an option for repairing the dents in their car. So if you’re not sure what it is, and why PDR is the best way to fix dents…read on…as this could save you hundreds on panel shop repairs in the future.So What Is PDR?fixing a dent in darwinPDR stands for Paintless Dent Repair. This is a method of repairing dings and dents in a cars metal body panels where the paintwork is still intact.For us to get the best possible result…we need the paintwork to still be in good condition.So if you have a ding or dent in your car but the paintwork is still intact, we’ve got a great chance of being able to help with your dent repair.There’s two main techniques we use at Dents-B-Gone to Repair the dents in your car with the PDR method.The first method we use is to get in behind the damage/dent and using specialised bars and rods we message and manipulate the metal back to its original state.The second technique we use is Glue Pull Repair or GPR for short. This is where we use both hot and cold glues, on a variety of different size and shaped tabs to pull the damage out from the outside of the panel.Often, we will use a combination of the two methods to achieve the best results.So for example…we might start the repair by glue pulling a lot of damage up quickly and the we’ll go in with a variety of rods and bars to finish off the repair.We also use a reflective light tool which helps show the damage in fine detail. A light board or reflector board is put along side the damage which passes a reflection onto the affected panel and through the damage on that panel. We use this reflection on the panel to read how the dents coming up and exactly where its high or low…basically telling us where we still need to push up and any areas we still need to tapdown.So that’s pretty much what PDR is in a nutshell. Its the best way to fix dents in your car because you get to keep the original factory finish on the vehicle…which is always the best option when possible. Check out our Gallery if you’d like to see some of our past repairs to get some sort of idea on what can be achieved using the PDR method.Or if you’d like to know more about PDR…here’s another great article explaining the process along with some history on where the PDR process originated.