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Paintless dent repairs in Darwin

Paintless Dent Repairs in Darwin NT.

Dents-B-Gone is the first choice for Paintless Dent Repairs in Darwin NT.  Established in 2015, Owner/operator Adam Leonardi saw the need for a high quality paintless dent repairs in Darwin after travelling to the Northern Territory.Having been in the Automotive Body Repair industry as a Panel Beater since 2001 and completing PDR training in 2009, I quickly found that fixing dents without the need for painting was fast becoming my passion. That feeling of restoring a panel to its original factory condition without the need for body fillers or repainting the panel, and also the look on a customers face when they see that transformation take place, is something that never gets old. Its something that makes me strive to do the best I can everyday.

So what is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the ART….(yes…it’s an art)…of repairing dings and dents in a cars metal body panels, where the paint is still intact and unaffected by the impact.Heres a quick video of a recent repair on brand new For Ranger…yep thats right…BRAND NEW. This thing hadn’t even been delivered to the customer yet. It sustained a small dent while being transported to Darwin.Now…what would you rather…the dent be filled with bog and the panel be repainted….or the dent be pushed out back to its factory condition???  I know what I would rather…especially being a brand new car. Anyway… check out the result we were able to achieve…PERFECTION.. So with PDR..we can essentially turn back the clock and make that dent in your car dissapear.In a nutshell….we do this by manipulating the low metal (dented area) with special metal bars and rods from behind the panel and tapping down any highs from the outside. Slowly bringing the panel back into shape WITHOUT the need for fillers or repainting the panel.This may sound simple…but i can asure you…this is something that takes years of practice, and patience, to be able to do at a high level.So if you have a dent in your car where the paint is undamaged…. the best option where possible… is Paintless Dent Repair.The only option for high quality paintless dent repairs in Darwin NT…is Dents-B-Gone. Check out some of our repairs for yourself…or feel free to check out our YouTube Channel for dent repairs in Full HD Video.