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Benifits of PDR

Top 3 Benifits Paintless Dent Removal

Before and After PDR RepairToday I wanted to go over what I think are the Top 3 benifits of PDR, and why its the best option for repairing dings, dents and minor collision damage in your car where the paintwork is still intact. So lets jump straight into it…PDR Retains the Original Factory Finish.The main benefit of the Paintless Dent Removal method is that we’re returning the damage back to it’s original factory condition, so everything on the vehicle stays original. This means that there’s no body fillers going into the panel, theres no repainting, no blending….everything goes back to it’s original factory condition.This is certainly the biggest benefit to PDR…because when you think about it…why would you want to repaint the panel, when there’s an easier, more cost effective, and much quicker alternative. An alternative that completely reverses the damage and brings your car back to its pre accident condition, because when we repair dents in your car with the PDR method, that’s essentially what we’re doing….turning back the clock and making it look like nothing ever happened.Keeping the original factory paintwork on the vehicle is always going to be the best option for your car. This is because there’s no chance in the future, of things turning pear shaped with the repair, things like body fillers sinking back and mismatched colours or poor paintwork and paint blends becoming visible. What all this means is your actually retaining the highest possible value in the vehicle, and eliminating possible problems down the track by having your dents repaired with the Paintless Dent Removal method.PDR Saves You Time.The second benefit is the time saving aspect of Paintless Dent Repair. In most cases with PDR you’ll have your car back that same day. So small dings and dents might take just a few hours to repair, with larger and more complex damage taking up to a day to repair. Most of the damage that we take on at Dents-B-Gone can be repaired in the same day…with the exception of hail damage which can sometimes take a few days depending on the severity.With people having such busy lives these days, it’s so hard to be without your car for days or even weeks while it sits at a panel shop waiting to be repaired. Whereas with PDR…your back in your pride and joy much faster.PDR Saves You MoneyWith Paintless dent repair we can offer a cheaper alternative to the panel shops traditional repair methods, simply because of the fact that we don’t have the high overheads that the panel shops have. These guys have big sheds to rent, spray booths to run, huge power bills, big paint supply bills, and all these things add up. We don’t have those same high overheads…so we can offer a cheaper repair.Although PDR is usually cheaper than a panel shop repair,  we still don’t offer dirt cheap repairs. The last thing that we want as a business, is to be underpricing when we quote, and having to rush through repairs, resulting in a poor quality outcome for our customers. Because as  soon as you start rushing a PDR repair, mistakes can easily happen, and sometimes these are mistakes you simply can’t take back.At Dents-B-Gone, we would prefer to charge a higher price, than have to apologize for a poor quality repair. We want to be in business in Darwin for a long time…and the way we’re going to do that…is by ensuring our customers get a high quality repairs at reasonable prices, each and every time.Check out some our previous repairs to see for yourself what type of results can be achieved when you entrust your vehicle with a high level PDR technician